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STEM-certified Business Degrees

We have a story to tell. We are a team of professionals who have worked in the industry. We have had up-close encounters with the mini scams conducted every single day, robbing young students of their money in the garb of offering highly personalized assistance through the most generic approach possible. 


We have been in situations wherein the client is waiting for the applications to be built while the deadlines are nearing. And in that vulnerable state, all the young applicant gets to hear is - don’t worry, your applications are being worked upon. That's when the service of limitless edits that was promised to the client in the first place evaporates in thin air. Precisely because the clients do not even get to review the application material till the last day of the deadline!


And it’s just the tip of the iceberg btw. One may feel utterly hopeless at the magnitude of the problem if dares to dive deeper into it

personalised consaltant

What makes us different?

After the disappointing experiences we had, we felt the need to make amends. And EdGlide is our humble attempt to do something substantial about this.

The rule of P50

At EdGlide, we believe, higher education consultancy is not a scalable business. It's not like any other commercial enterprise that should employ a huge workforce of writers and counselors to carry out a job that's supposed to be uncommonly creative, nuanced and highly personalized.

Hence, 2 years ago, while we were operating unofficially, we introduced the rule of P50.

P-50 refers to the Priority-50 applications, a self-imposed limit, wherein for each intake, we target to work upon just about 50 applications, and not more than that, until and unless we are done with the previous 50. It allows us to have a laser focused approach, and deliver a pitch-perfect, well-written, and highly customized set of application material.

The right approach 

While there is a certain set of crucial factors that determine whether you shall bag an admission from a top-ranking university in a particular program or not, one specific aspect that trumps all other determinants is building a highly nuanced, compelling, engaging, and dynamic narrative about your candidature. Simply because the only source of information that the admission committee shall have to know something beyond your academic credentials, is your application set which includes your SOP, essays, LORs and a resume. 


And these documents cannot be built through a one-size-fits all approach. It plainly sabotages the novelty you bring to the table. 

One needs a professional. And let’s be crystal clear here, 1 professional alone, and not a full-fledged team that though looks fancy, is not efficacious enough. It further complicates the process as most of the time the applicant remains confused as to whom to reach out to in the first place in case of anything and everything one may need help with. It's a model that doesn't work.

You need 1 solid professional who -

  • Is a good listener

  • Has a flair of writing

  • Knows about the intricacies of the eligibility and competency of the program an applicant is targeting

  • Has solid experience in targeting a particular university

  • And most importantly, is reachable!

No one else is relevant, not even the alumni coach who has just got into the university, who is working on your applications as a side gig. While for them it may be a side gig, for you, we are sure, it's much more than that.

Our Mission is to Empower




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Total Client Served

We have enabled countless people to realize their potential and pursue their aspirations by achieving over 250 admits. We ensure admission to the best educational institutions worldwide, focusing on the top 50 most prominent schools globally. Our clients have secured scholarships worth over $200k, making their aspirations financially feasible. As a trusted partner to 288+ satisfied clients, our personalized approach and unwavering support have earned us their loyalty.

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