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Are you determined to soar beyond the coveted 7-band mark on the IELTS exam?

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Look no further! At EdGlide, we offer a specialised and dedicated training program that ensures resounding success in one of the most preferred English proficiency tests, IELTS. 
The significance of achieving a competitive IELTS score, whether it's for your target university or unlocking new career opportunities, cannot be denied. Precisely why our meticulously crafted program provides you with the essential tools, strategies, and unwavering confidence needed to ace all four sections of the IELTS exam. At EdGlide, we make that possible through our 4-step approach that particularly consists of: 

Conversation -

Engaging in daily conversations is a crucial component of language proficiency. This step focuses on dedicating a substantial amount of time under our guidance, particularly to meaningful conversations in English. By immersing yourself in spoken English, you'll enhance your fluency, vocabulary, and overall communication skills. In fact, we shall engage you in discussions on a wide range of topics which shall further aid you in expressing your thoughts, and actively listening to others to improve your conversational abilities. 

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Comprehension -

Comprehension exercises are tailored to strengthen your understanding of spoken and written English. These exercises involve listening to audio recordings, watching videos, or reading passages, and answering questions based on the content mentioned in the material you have gone through. By regularly practising comprehension exercises, you'll sharpen your listening skills, develop the ability to comprehend complex ideas, and improve overall comprehension of English.

GNGs -

Grammar Nuggets, or GNGs refer to brief but regular grammar lessons in a week that shall contribute a great deal to your grammatical accuracy and knowhow. Through GNGs, our students have not only been able to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of English grammar, but have also developed a significant clarity concerning their application. Moreover, GNGs have proven to assist in refining written and spoken communication. 

Grammer Editing

Read Throughs -

Reading English sections aloud is a powerful technique for improving pronunciation, intonation, and overall oral fluency. In this step, we shall provide you with an eclectic set of English texts including news articles, essays, or excerpts from books, and expect you to read them aloud under our informed guidance. Therein, we shall suggest you pay attention to pronunciation, stress, and rhythm, to sound natural and confident. It shall help you in developing your articulation skills, increase your vocabulary, and boost your overall speaking fluency. 

By following this tried and tested approach, we shall engage you in daily conversations, enhance your comprehension skills, deepen your understanding of grammar, and improve your spoken fluency. Each step shall play a vital role in your language development, ensuring that you get to indulge in a well-rounded and comprehensive training experience.

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Let’s be clear. Our approach is not just about ticking boxes—it's about empowering you to get utterly comfortable with the language and get some solid, substantial clarity about the intricacies involved. We believe in personalised excellence, tailoring our training to suit your unique requirements. Maybe you are someone who understands the language well, but speaking is where you end up losing confidence. In that scenario, one cannot expect you to focus upon GNGs alone when your priority shall be Conversations and Read Througs. Therefore, we shall lead you through targeted practice sessions that boost your performance and sharpen your language based skill set.  


In addition, even though our primary application building service includes free IELTS coaching, we recognize that some individuals have their sights set solely on IELTS success. For such focused candidates, we have curated an impactful and highly effective training program priced at just 5999. Contact us now. Your desired score awaits—

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