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EdGlide Dental - Bringing Smiles to Smiling Heroes: Empowering Women in Dentistry

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CAAPID applications can be tricky, particularly owing to various factors, such as complex requirements, limited program slots, varying admission criteria, cultural and language differences, and the need to transfer licensure.

At EdGlide, we understand the complexities of CAAPID applications and have extensive experience helping a diverse range of applicants. We specialize in guiding students through the intricacies of the CAAPID application process. We provide comprehensive support, including assistance with understanding and fulfilling application requirements, navigating program-specific criteria, addressing cultural and language barriers, and managing timelines effectively.

Moreover, since EdGlide, as an organization considers itself to be a feminist entity, we recognize the importance of empowering women in the dental profession and provide tailored assistance to address their unique needs and challenges. Therefore, we have a dedicated focus on supporting women applicants in their CAAPID applications. Precisely why we also offer a flat 10% discount to all women applicants that intend to work with us on  their CAAPID applications.

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By leveraging our experience, knowledge, and understanding of the CAAPID application process, we are committed to CAAPID applicants, particularly women, navigate the complexities in the process and increase their chances of success in pursuing DDS in the USA and Canada.

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